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18 Oct
October 18, 2015

Ph. credit Caravaggio-by-Francisco-Antunes-

With a walk through the streets of Roma you will discover te masterpieces of the great artist Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio.

Starting at Galleria Borghese, you can see six of his paintings: the early work Fanciullo con Canestro di Frutta (Boy with a Basket of Fruit, 1593-94) and Bacchino malato (young sick Bacchus, 1593-94). His Madonna dei Palafrenieri (1605-06) had been conceived for the altar of Archconfraternity of the Papal Grooms but they rejected it and later it was acquired by the nephew of Pope Paul V Borghese. David con la testa di Golia (David with the head of Goliath, 1605-06) made for Cardinal Scipione Borghese as a sign of gratitude for his help with the judiciary troubles the artist had. Then, the Ritratto di Papa Paolo V (Portrait of Pope Paul V, 1605-06).


Casino Ludovisi is the place where Caravaggio in the Alchemist chamber created the only ceiling paintings known by him. The Giove Nettuno e Plutone are painted with oil on the plaster  .


After that you can visit Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Palazzo Barberini where the paintings Decapitazione di Oloferne (Judith Beheading Holofernes) and Il Narciso (Narcissus). This last one is today, after long debates and a restoration, clearly attributed to Caravaggio.


Galleria Doria Pamphilj hosts Il Riposo dalla fuga in Egitto (Rest on the Flight into Egypt) which depicts an angel playing the violin to the Holy Family during their flight into Egypt and is the masterpiece of the early period of the artist, as well as La Maddalena (Repentant Magdalene).


In Pinacoteca Capitolina two paintings can be admired: Buona Ventura (Diviner) probably created for Cardinal Del Monte and San Giovanni Battista (John the Baptist)


Also in the magnificent Vatican Museums there is one of the most famous works to see: Deposizione di Cristo (The Entombment of Christ), painted in the years 1602-04.


Eventually, the churches in Rome where you can admire the artist’s works. Aboveall, San Luigi dei Francesi. Between 1599 and 1600 the painter hanging paintings Vocazione di San Matteo (calling of Matthew) and Martirio di San Matteo created the two in the Contarelli Chapel (Martyrdom of St. Matthew). Here the artist interpreted in a very personal way a Maltendenz the Counter-Reformation, which focused on the worship of martyrs. In the Church, the second version of the altarpiece of San Matteo e l’angelo (Matthew and the Angel) can be seen. A first version was rejected by the Congregation and have therefore been removed from the church.


In the Church of Sant’Agostino, above the altar of the first chapel on the left, the Cavaletti Chapel, the Madonna dei Pellegrini  (Pilgrim Madonna or Madonna of Loreto).


In the end, Santa Maria del Popolo. Left of the main altar in the Cerasi Chapel, hanging next to the altarpiece of Annibale Carracci two famous paintings of Caravaggio: Conversione di San Paolo (Conversion of St. Paul) and Crocifissione di San Pietro (Crucifixion of St. Peter).



Bertelè art and design for Relais Rione Ponte

12 Oct
October 12, 2015
Junior Suite details

Junior Suite details

Verona, July 2015 – Attention to detail, love of beauty, art and design are the key words that Maison Bertelè uses for all the furnishings, arose from a fine ebony handicraft. This accuracy can be found at the new Relais Rione Ponte, in the famous “Quartiere del Rinascimento” of Rome, between Piazza Navona, Palazzo Altemps and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare. A unique Relais which offers intimate and relaxing environement, whose interiors are entirely Bertelè and give an allure of style which you will not forget.

All furnishings were created in great artisan cabinetmaker after the art that has always accompanied the creations Bertelè, mixing the wood inlaid with materials such as glass and fine fabrics to give a modern and contemporary atmosphere, with great attention and originality in the enhancement of details.

“We had the privilege to work for the Relais Rione Ponte in Rome and we were able to show the great attention that we put not only in each creation, but also in creative thinking that links our story to every customer”said Elena Baldini, designer from Maison Bertelè “it is important to give customers a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness, that does not concern only the service, but it starts right from the spaces and furnishings that frame the moments lived by the guest in the rooms”. Relais Rione Ponte is very good at this, providing their art spaces in order to create a real interaction between the creativity of each artist and the rooms. Relais Rione Ponte joins a new boutique hotel recently signed Bertelè the HT6 Hotel opened in March 2015 in the heart of the Jewish ghetto in Rome.


Suite Bed



Junior Suite twin beds

Junior Suite twin beds


Deluxe Room bed

Deluxe Room bed

Signature of excellence of Made in Italy in the world, since 1954 Bertelè offers unique furniture, fine attention to detail and choice of colors and fabrics, packed with wisdom and craftsmanship. The division Elena for Bertelè deals specifically with all the key projects for the world hotel industry and contract and is named after the designer of the fashion house, Elena Baldini.


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