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I MACCHIAIOLI. Le collezioni svelate (The collections Revealed)

20 May
May 20, 2016


Chiostro del Bramante

From March 16 to September 4,  2016

I MACCHIAIOLI. Le collezioni svelate

I MACCHIAIOLI. Le collezioni svelate


Chiostro del Bramante will feature for the second time the Macchiaioli, with works from the cultured and refined collections of the time. Large collections of private collectors, entrepreneurs and businessmen with a great passion for painting, but also art patrons interested in supporting a friend going through a hard time, or who responded to an aesthetic pleasure of the moment.


The exhibition includes 110 works which are a Report of the peculiar historical moment of Fin de Siècle Italian, divided into nine sections, each dedicated to the collection of origin: Cristiano Banti, Diego Martelli, Rinaldo Carnielo, Edoardo Bruno, Gustavo Sforni, Mario Galli, Enrico Checcucci, Camillo Giussani, Mario Borgiotti; thanks to whom it is possible to  admire a completely new group of paintings, dating from the late nineteenth century until the early twentieth century, offering us a story and also an overview on the evolution of forms and styles of the Macchiaioli, that, in fact, gave the way to the modern era and were an inspiration for generations of later artists.

Under the Patronage of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Rome City Council, curated by Francesca Dini, produced and organized by Dart – Chiostro del Bramante and Arthemisia Group.


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Text and photo by Mary Di Giamberardino