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07 Dec
December 7, 2016


Atlas holds up the world, the atlas is the image of the world. Atlas’ hands, arms, legs: muscles, fingers, body parts which are, in the iconography of the myth, in an eternal tension and indivisible from the Earth with its continents, islands and unexplored oceans. Atlas is the ego that perceives the world through the mystery of the body. The very same limbs and the same physical dimension represented by another atlas: the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, that shows the world’s divine perfection. In Atlas, Ego Imago Mundi is the ego of the artist, Luca Di Luzio, and his new human geography. In Atlas a new relationship between the body and the world is established, going beyond the myth and proposing a new humanism in which the artist’s life becomes the centerpiece. The points of Atlas’ maps are the sign of the impression of the artist’s body on paper. Land surface area with lakes and islands, mountains, rivers and boundaries, that Luca Di Luzio generates through the spontaneity of a resolute and docile gesture. Rooms at the Relais Rione Ponte welcome these signs, becoming archipelagos of Luca Di Luzio’s new geography, talking to each other and outlining a new exciting planet.

Studio Pivot

Atlas, Ego Imago Mundi puts the man in the position of redefining his place in space, not adapting to it, but shaping it in his own image. The Atlas project by Luca Di Luzio starts simultaneously with “Magnetic Declination”, curatorial proposal of White Noise Gallery for Set-Up Fair 2016, whose theme was the orientation. The scientifically magnetic declination is the angle between what is considered true north and magnetic north of the planet. The North is the cardinal point of salvation for the individual, the magnetic declination conceptually destroys the objectivity being axiomatically itself margin of error, instability and physical inability to identify an exact destination that is steady and motionless. With the project “Magnetic Declination” is intended to decode, through the collective efforts of Luca Di Luzio, Stefano Gentile and Bruno Cerasi, the new human geography that is taking shape, result of the clash between two opposite forces: the mass migration, inherent to the concept of evolution, and political conservatism, unaware of the individual in favor of the species, a consequence of the difficulty to relocate to a new global economic order.

White Noise Gallery

November 30th,2016  – February 28th,2017

Relais Rione Ponte

Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 20 Rome, Italy

Art Direction by Studio Pivot

All season’s blossoms at Relais Rione Ponte

31 Mar
March 31, 2016


At Relais Rione Ponte we love to prepare fresh flowers bouquets to welcome our Guest.
Some of our favourite flowers during Winter or Autumn are Tulips, either white or cream.
From April we choose Alstroemerias or Lisianthus.
We love Peonias in June!


Flowers for every season

Flowers for every season


Suite desk and details

Suite desk and details – Ph. Roberta Krasnig


Spazio Arte Collection

Spazio Arte Collection


Deluxe Room desk and details - Copia



Deluxe Double or Twin Room

Deluxe Double or Twin Room


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Studio Pivot – Art Hunting and Counseling

13 Dec
December 13, 2015


Studio PivotArt Hunting and Counseling takes an alternative approach to exhibiting and marketing art, curating a programme of exhibitions, cultural events and initiatives in unconventional spaces across Rome.

From its inception in 2012, the association has promoted and supported young contemporary artists, reviving public interest in contemporary art in the process.

Inspired by the French ‘pivot’, meaning hinge, the Studio places an emphasis on the collaborative steps that make up artistic projects. Founded by four specialists from the fields of art history, writing, architecture, and events administration, Studio Pivot offers a strong commitment to art in Italy’s capital city.

Vittoria de Petra, Elisa Gavotti Basilj e Beatrice Roccetti Campagnoli con sfondo un'opera dell'artista Chiara Lupi

Vittoria de Petra, Elisa Gavotti Basilj e Beatrice Roccetti Campagnoli con sfondo un’opera dell’artista Chiara Lupi


Vittoria de Petra, Flavia Lo Chiatto

Vittoria de Petra, Flavia Lo Chiatto


Proud to be partner of Studio Pivot




Bertelè art and design for Relais Rione Ponte

12 Oct
October 12, 2015
Junior Suite details

Junior Suite details

Verona, July 2015 – Attention to detail, love of beauty, art and design are the key words that Maison Bertelè uses for all the furnishings, arose from a fine ebony handicraft. This accuracy can be found at the new Relais Rione Ponte, in the famous “Quartiere del Rinascimento” of Rome, between Piazza Navona, Palazzo Altemps and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare. A unique Relais which offers intimate and relaxing environement, whose interiors are entirely Bertelè and give an allure of style which you will not forget.

All furnishings were created in great artisan cabinetmaker after the art that has always accompanied the creations Bertelè, mixing the wood inlaid with materials such as glass and fine fabrics to give a modern and contemporary atmosphere, with great attention and originality in the enhancement of details.

“We had the privilege to work for the Relais Rione Ponte in Rome and we were able to show the great attention that we put not only in each creation, but also in creative thinking that links our story to every customer”said Elena Baldini, designer from Maison Bertelè “it is important to give customers a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness, that does not concern only the service, but it starts right from the spaces and furnishings that frame the moments lived by the guest in the rooms”. Relais Rione Ponte is very good at this, providing their art spaces in order to create a real interaction between the creativity of each artist and the rooms. Relais Rione Ponte joins a new boutique hotel recently signed Bertelè the HT6 Hotel opened in March 2015 in the heart of the Jewish ghetto in Rome.


Suite Bed



Junior Suite twin beds

Junior Suite twin beds


Deluxe Room bed

Deluxe Room bed

Signature of excellence of Made in Italy in the world, since 1954 Bertelè offers unique furniture, fine attention to detail and choice of colors and fabrics, packed with wisdom and craftsmanship. The division Elena for Bertelè deals specifically with all the key projects for the world hotel industry and contract and is named after the designer of the fashion house, Elena Baldini.


Bertelè Mobili

Terzomillennium press office

Elisa Andreatta