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Spazio Arte


Spazio Arte collection Andreas Senoner

Spazio Arte collection Andreas Senoner “Teach him well”


Combining art and hospitality, our goal is to offer our Guests a distinctive and exceptional experience.

Dedicating our space to Contemporary Art, we aim at facilitating a real interaction between the creativity of each artist and the rooms.

Under the artistic direction of 4start and Studio Pivot initially and EMMEOTTO ARTE at the moment, we carefully select Italian and international artists, whose artworks make the atmosphere of Relais Rione Ponte unique and sophisticated.

Curatorial program schedules two or more exhibitions during the year.


Anancastica, 2016, Acrilico su tela, 50x40 cm ( diametro) Romina Bassu

Anancastica, 2016, Acrilico su tela, 50×40 cm ( diametro) Romina Bassu

March 2017 – June 2017



November 2016 – March 2017




March 2016 – November 2016



Gaze Out _ Martedì 1 Marzo 2016 _ Relais Rione Ponte_2



Quality and Art at Relais Rione Ponte,

Design guesthouse in the heart of Rome

1 March 2016 / 6.30 pm




Still life pop, black and white, portraits, architectural details, memories, colors and shapes: all that you can see and process when you start to gaze out. Reality in its fullness and contradictions is told through the lens of 11 young photographers, from the point of view of a young person. Young but at the beginning of an exploration and research which will last a lifetime.

Giulia Brena, Eleonora Cerri Pecorella, Eugenia de Petra, Julia Hautojärvi, Chiara Lombardi, Marika Moretti, Valerio Pasquazi, Martina Roncaioli, Davide Spiridione, Alessia Stranieri e Xueying Zhuang are the 11 young photographers who take the spotlight in the exhibition GAZE OUT. They are all students at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, selected by the equally young itinerant gallery and study of cultural production – Studio Pivot.

GAZE OUT takes place within a space that from May 2014 has decided to open its doors to art and this time, art is the photographs of 11 young photographers: Relais Rione Ponte. Design guesthouse located in one of the most ancient and rich in history neighborhoods of the city, it wants to combine in a single glance furnishings and details, very close to the tradition Italian design: Bertelè Mobili handcrafted furniture, fabrics and velvets Dedar, Flos lamps signed by Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and Patricia Urquiola, the same designers of Mutina floor in the breakfast room.



by Studio Pivot 


November 2015 – March 2016





Quality and Art at Relais Rione Ponte,

Design guesthouse in the heart of Rome

12 november 2015 / 6.30 pm


Mario Rossi "Travelers"

Mario Rossi “Travelers”


The 12th of November 2015 Relais Rione Ponte, design guesthouse in the heart of Rome, will open the exhibition Accenni/ Allusions. This will be the first of a series of biannual exhibitions, conceived to offer some of the essential evidences of the “possible worlds” of the current contemporary universe, scattered and sketched inside a private space which intends to be open to Art.


With Accenni/Allusions, guests of Relais Rione Ponte will enjoy the 11 artists, each of whom will characterize a room: Romina Bassu, Elisa Bertaglia, Simone Cametti, Beatrice Cerocchi, Andrea De Fusco, Veronica Della Porta, Gabriele Silli, Mario Rossi and, in cooperation with gallery Matèria, Giuseppe De Mattia, Giulia Marchi ed Emma Wieslander.


The selected works, in some cases created site-specific, will be adjusted for the space and will be available together with the refined furnishings and historic artistic atmosphere of the area.


Velvet, aquamarine and mahogany. Wood, fabric and incredible colours will wrap anyboy entering the Relais Rione Ponte, few steps away from Palazzo Altemps, Chiostro del Bramante and Pantheon.


With Accenni/Allusions, the Relais wants to absorb and elaborate artistic quality around itself, converting it with courtesy and elegance into a varied style, contemporary and essential, cured by pop-up gallery Studio Pivot in cooperation with Flavia Lo Chiatto.




by Studio Pivot 


September 2015

Relais Rione Ponte, boutique guesthouse located in the heart of Rome, which fundamental component is the fusion of art and hospitality,  renews its appointment with art opening its new spaces to the “Visions” of Italian artist Keziat.




Keziat “Hybrids” will be opening on September 13th at 7:00 pm.

“Drawings on paper, canvas, made with the simplicity of a pen, video animations and video installations that shows the constant presence of observers media; these are only some of the expressive ways which Keziat uses to unveil her ‘magical tale”.

Amalia di Lanno


La Rivoluzione di Milo -Keziat

La Rivoluzione di Milo -Keziat


Keziat (1973) gives life to imaginary creatures  and worlds. In her drawings ”other” realities break “the taboos of a merely retinol vision” (Andrè Breton) just as it happens in dreaming.


The reinventing of reality by Keziat doesn’t claim likelihood, rather it offers fantastic shelters to ponder over daily life often too arid and schizophrenic.”

Emanuela De Notariis


L'Albero dei sogni

L’Albero dei sogni



January 2015  

Exhibition “Sleepless Nights”

Mitja Ficko - Classic Room

Mitja Ficko – Classic Room


Destroyed Room arose from the need of displacing homogenization with artistic uniqueness.

The big risk you take in our society is to conform. This leads to a loss of identity, a flattening of curiosity and makes us blind to some perceptions.

Relais Rione Ponte wanted to offer its dear guests this unique element, and this was possible right through art.

Virginia Colonna di 4start

Spazio Arte

Spazio Arte

DESTROYED ROOM – Artists were here” is a project created by 4start and Relais Rione Ponte and is ironically inspired by the phenomenon of “trashing hotel rooms”, which aims to foster an interaction between contemporary art and unconventional exhibition spaces and merge them together to host shows and performances: the project is structured in 2 exhibitions, each of them running for 6 months.

Artists and rock stars are all infamously known for their whims, caprices and destroyed rooms which makes of them the most feared category by hoteliers.

According to Maurice Hotel’s employers in Paris, when Salvador Dali spent the night in the luxury hotel, came with a couple of leopard cubs; the Spanish painter had such a crazy passion for animals that he used to have sent to his hotel rooms horses and lambs: it is said that as compensation for the service he left signed lithographs.

Hotel rooms become art installations, a “just below the limit” show, where artist gives vent to his anger, flair and individualism

Relais Rione Ponte has accepted the same challenge: every 6 months , artists are left in the hotel rooms for 2 days and just one night. The results are real installations, specifically created for the Relais’ rooms, exhibited for 6 months.




20 Gennaio 2015

Vernissage Sleepless

Vernissage “Sleepless nights”


Second event “Destroyed Room” “Sleepless Nights” – Notti senza sonno, Vernissage 20 Gennaio 2015

On the occasion of Destroyed Room’s second event, 4start together with Martina Fortuni are pleased to present ‘Sleepless Nights’.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday the 20th of January 2015 at 7pm and explores the surreal, dreamlike and fairytale imagery of the work of three international artists: Andreas Senoner, Mitja Ficko e Yuliya Lanina.

‘Sleepless Nights’ is a night journey through the rooms of Relais Rione, which shifts from the disturbing humanity of the sacral wooden figures by Andrea Senoner (Alto Adige, Italy) to the visionary and pop mystical landscapes of Slovenian artist Mitja Ficko’s paintings and works on paper; the characters of Russian Yuliya Lanina’s films and hand-drawn animations are informed by Russian fairy tales and Greek mythology and explores stories that reach back into primordial memories.

A live performance by ‘Cane sulla Luna’, an electro song-writing performative project, will be presented during the opening evening.


Andreas Senoner, Italy, Scultura: www.andreassenoner.com

Mitja Ficko, Slovenia, Pittura: www.mitjaficko.com

Yuliya Lanina, USA, Arti visive: www.yuliyalanina.com


Andrea Senoner (born 1982) recalls the wooden tradition from Alto Adige at the same time lightening it and enhancing it by inserting unusual materials and objects, such as feathers or iron cages. The frontal poses of his sculptures evokes an ancient sacredness which clashes with the disturbing human nature brought out from the wood grains. This human nature tells of a loneliness and an inadequacy which can be mitigated only by alter egos.

The visionary landscapes in the paintings of Mitja Ficko (born 1973) come both from a common collection inspired by pop culture and from a more intimate and personal world. In his works real and imaginary scenaries live together and express a difficult inner world which is unreachable and appears only between the lines, through symbolism and allegories.

The characters of the animations and films of the russian artis Yuliya Lanina come from russian fairy tale and greek mythology. Thanks to the cooperation with modern composers, the stories of the artist and her characters place themselves in faboulous and surrealistic settings: her mechanical dolls as well as her animations evokes old memories but behind a merry and childish façade, rudimentary feelings and internalized trauma and torment are revealed.



  20 Maggio 2014

Vernissage VERSUS

Vernissage VERSUS