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20 Apr
April 20, 2015

Suggested itineraries – Private guide service


Relais Rione Ponte proposes private tours with certified guides. A personalized service to explore the hidden treasures of the Eternal City.


Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona


Our philosophy is to give tourists the experience of seeing Rome as a local and not as a tourists.

Due to the hectic schedule that sometimes people have to follow, tourist end up in fast group tours, restaurants with pictures on the menu and busy streets where vendors try to sell any kind of souvenir. Rome may be much more than this and takes no so much time to get the real spell of this City but just the good mentor.

We offer standard tours such as: Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, Ancient City, Baroque Rome, Underground Rome in 3 hours or 4 hours options and we offer also a selection of less traditional tours that may be agreed with you according to your needs and interests: Roman churches, Jewish Rome, Tours based on one particular artist etc.

Every week we offer an introduction to the City with our guide during our happy our and if you book two 3 hours tour or a 6 hours full day, we offer a 1 hour walk in the neighborhood of the Relais, the old Campomarzio, for free.

Piazza di Pietra Tempio di Adriano by Mary Di Giamberardino

Piazza di Pietra Tempio di Adriano by Mary Di Giamberardino



Some of our preferred sugestions:


Biography of our guides:

Consuelo Lollobrigida is an Art Historian, focusing mainly in 17th and 18th century visual art. She’s got a PhD in Art History (2007) discussing a thesis on women artists in Rome Baroque time. Being fluent in English, she is now teaching at University of Arkansas Rome Center. 
Her interests are addressed to women studies, museum studies, and history of art collecting. In these fields she was, and is, curator of some exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

From 1997 to 2004 she collaborated with Soprintendenza di Roma, being involved in the fundamental activity of cataloguing the art works of Roman territory. 
As expert of Baroque visual art she is often called as consultant both for auction houses and private collections.

Since 2008 she has been taking part to conferences and meetings about women artists in 17th and 18th century, such as American University (Washington, DC), University of Jaen (Spain), University of Granada (Spain), Jane Fortune Advancing Women Artists Foundation.

She is author of different publication, such as the new Following Women Artists. A Guide to Rome, EtGraphiae (2014), issued both in Italian and English.



Laura D’Angelo is a licensed tour guide, scholar of modern art history, art curator and part-time lecturer at the University of Roma Tre where she accomplished her PhD in 2009. Born in a seven generation Roman family she has always fostered the love for teaching, researching and tourism, started in college when se used to organize and tour the international students and  the visiting professors of her University to welcome them in the Eternal City.

She studied art history in London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Oxford and then worked in London and Paris, where she had the great opportunity to join the research team of the Louvre Museum just after graduation.

She currently curates the document Archives of the Art Foundations dedicated to two important contemporary Italian artists, Giuseppe Capogrossi and Giacomo Manzù, and works in scientific projects, teaches college students and enjoys to tour people in Rome, given the huge love for her hometown.

She likes to introduce people to Rome’s famous monument and art indeed, but also to the less known and yet more authentic side of the city altogether to see it from a roman’s perspective.


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