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28 Mar
March 28, 2017

Opening March 7th, h. 7 pm
March 8th 2017 – June 26th 2017

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto gallery, is pleased to announce the exhibition project by the artist Marco Angelini titled Abstract Configurations.



356. untitled – cm 100 x 100 – mixed technique on canvas – 2015 – ph Carolina Farina


The research of Marco Angelini begins from matter, an essential element of endless possibilities where chromatic surface, thanks to the combination of shapes and colors, becomes the connective tissue of heterogeneous modes of expression: the ultimate goal of the work is the exemplification of an idea, a thought, a dream.

The artist, in this exhibition, retraces twelve year of his career conducted between New York, Warsaw and Rome, a selection of thirty – eight works, exquisitely furnished in the spaces of the Relais, it will channel the viewer into a chromatic universe that is, in the first instance, an aesthetic audacity connected to painting.

Material and colors are intertwined, space acquires, via the withdrawal method object, a third dimension that catches the eye and it is stated as a logical continuity between figuration and abstraction, the eternal conflict that carries with any explicit representation of the tangible world.


352. untitled - cm 100 x 100 - mixed technique on canvas - 2015 - ph Carolina Farina

352. untitled – cm 100 x 100 – mixed technique on canvas – 2015 – ph Carolina Farina


“The artwork does not define more as the only comprehensive source of delight for a privileged class, with a special sensitivity, but it is an omnipresence of renewable plastic stimuli, necessary to collective equilibrium”. In Vasarely’s words we find a centuries-old idea: the shape is an element of an hidden reality, a stronger visible appearance. Angelini’s works fit on the heels of the avanguard that is no longer exclusively the preserve of abstract art, his research gets its roots into the concept of “pure visibility”, an aesthetic vision in which the composition is constructed through the significant forms.

The artist’s pictorial itinerary is closely related to the study of society, the seduction of reality breaks into Angelini’s paintings through the objects of our everyday life, whose original function is transformed distorting the meaning and spouting a cognitive process that it is never an end in itself, but which manifests itself as a cornerstone of an intellectual approach.

The dichotomy between abstraction and figuration is a junction point, which possesses the characteristics of an optical experience on the borders between sociology and aesthetics action. If the ultimate end of art is to query the community, Angelini’s work fulfills this task emphasizing the need to circumvent the mere decorative matrix of the picture and let the content has a specific gravity in his quest. “The shape of my painting is the content,” the statement by Ellsworth Kelly is as timely as ever, index of how an artwork can create a new point of view, where the visible becomes the intangible existence.



He studies the phenomenon of the city and considers the ways in which cities inscribe people into dynamic processes of constant transformation.His reference point is formed by his cultural and educational background in sociology. Cities create scenarios in which unconscious impulses are made manifest and placed into interaction through and with technology and the radical new possibilities it creates. In this way, cities become the nucleus and ideal habitat for paradoxes and human contradictions. Marco Angelini turns the painted surface into the meeting place of different shapes and materials, signs, and meanings. His work is an expressive research dominated by matter and different kind of materials, mostly recycled: iron, aluminum, paper, cellophane, polystyrene, nails, screws, recording tapes, photographic films, just to name a few. To this surface the Artist applies pigments, powders, glues, metals, and plastics in order to create artworks characterized by a suspended balance, by a pregnant silence and rarefied atmospheres, as well as an immediately recognizable style. In Marco Angelini’s art, matter – far from embodying graveness – becomes a genuine, transfigured emblem of lightness, transparency and levitation. Marco Angelini is distant from ideological critics or positions and he believes strongly that Art has to play a decisive role in society, to make things visible once more, to generate attention and create new opportunities for sharing, communication and interrogation. The works of Marco Angelini were acquired by several collectors in Rome, Milan, London, Warsaw, New York, Melbourne, Washington and one of them is part of the prestigious private collection of the Fondazione Roma (Palazzo Sciarra).

In collaboration with Emmeotto Arte





A special thank for the participation during the opening
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LOVE. Contemporary Art meets Love – Chiostro del Bramante

19 Nov
November 19, 2016

“LOVE. Contemporary Art meets Love” is the title of the exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante from September 29th, 2016 till February 19th, 2017. An exhibition which add to the great names of contemporary art history, the chance to take pictures, “tag” with the hashtag #chiostrolove, and follow the thematic routes with audio guide (included in the ticket price) for adults and children. Peculiarities are the wall of love, where you can leave messages and thoughts, and the kissing point, where you can stop and take a kissing selfie.


Among the artists, there are some of the most famous exponents of Pop Art, such as Robert Indiana with his sculptural poems LOVE, which are also the logo of the exhibition; Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Gilbert & George, Francesco Vezzoli, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Francesco Clemente – star of our Transavantgarde – and Yayoi Kusama whose installation is absolutely amazing: Infinity Mirrored room, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins, where in a game of mirrors and lights you find yourself completely involved in the work of art itself.


An exhibition not to be missed in one of the most charming exhibition spaces of Rome.


Info and reservations:



text & ph. Mary Di Giamberardino

translation Eugenia Milioto


Edward Hopper

16 Nov
November 16, 2016



Edward Hopper at Vittoriano. October 1, 2016 till February 12, 2017


“If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”


It’s the artist himself, with one of his most famous quotes, to explain his philosophy and his desire to make art. The exhibition in fact, through approximately 60 works divided into six sections, is a cross section into the production of Hopper, as well as an intense and accurate study of American society, especially the 50’s and 60’s of the ‘900. His typically American realism, made of intimate portraits, of solitude and great upsets their age to which he belonged, was a great inspiration for many filmmakers, like Hitchcock, Silver, Wenders, Antonioni and the Coen brothers; from here, a brand new section of the exhibition illustrates precisely this relationship of mutual love with cinema.

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