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ACCENNI / ALLUSIONS – Simone Cametti Room #103

29 Jan
January 29, 2016



Simone Cametti, Rome, 1982


Diploma in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts RUFA, Rome University of Fine Art, Rome.

Sculpture and installation are decisive parts in the poetics of the artist,

along with other media such as photography,audio and video.

Simone Cametti begins with the observation of materials and their physical characteristics.

Marble, iron, organic elements. In each he investigates the color, mechanical properties,

luster, shape, with the specific desire to conceal the matter of departure, to transform it completely.

A subtle game that the artist uses to tell, in a silent and almost invisible manner, unpublished stories.

Little snippets of everyday life that hold the memories of past functional objects.

For some time he has turned his interests towards the study of landscape, while holding as the center

of its investigation the material intervention in space.

Literally shifting the gaze on the change of perception due to changes

in the physical environment, by the artist himself.




S.O.S Performance & C-Print on Fine Art Baryta, 2012

S.O.S Performance & C-Print on Fine Art Baryta, 2012


These artworks are for sale.


Photo by Alberto Blasetti

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